Alert: New Disinterment Procedures and Permit

Effective November 1, 2013 there are new requirements that must be completed by any family who wishes for a disinterment to occur.  Per Title 63 Section 1-319 paragraph C and D; An application for disinterment shall include proof of notice to the owner(s) of the interment lot or burial space, if other than the applicant AND the application for disinterment shall include proof of notice to all surviving adult children of the decedent, if other than the applicant.

The Oklahoma Health Department will no longer be able to accept any other disinterment permit request unless it is on this form and is completed in its entirety.

Disinterment Permit Form



  1. Karen Henderson says:

    When making burial arrangements the funeral home should be required by law to advise the family who has the legal authority to make decisions regarding burial in the first place. The Funeral Director should be required by law to contact that individual regarding all funeral arrangements. This law obviously does not protect a surviving spouse from the children moving a parent. Thank you.

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