OFDA Updates-Vital Records-Oklahoma State Department of Health-2016

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES-The last Legislative Session ended with additions of two vital records processes. Mandate for physicians to use ROVER SB 1147 New Law Requiring Physicians to use ROVER. The law provides in part: 63 § 1-317a E. No later than July 1, 2017, physicians licensed in this state shall be required to sign and file […]

Changes Effective August 1, 2015-Replacing death certificates after amendment/fees

Effective August 1, 2015   Per state law, the cost of searching and issuing a death record is $15 per record. Effective August 1, 2015 Vital Records will no longer replace copies of death records following amendment at no charge.  If copies have been issued and mistakes are later discovered, the $15.00 fee per certificate […]

OK Health Department Updates -€“ September 2014

TIMELY FILING OF DEATH RECORDS Entering the facts of death into ROVER in a timely manner is a critical part of serving the families of Oklahoma. Once you start a record in ROVER, we begin tracking that progress of that record until it is officially registered and ready for issuance. Once that record is entered, […]

ROVER Unleashed – Tips And Tricks

The Field Services staff of the Oklahoma State Department of Health will begin hosting training sessions for ROVER users. The sessions for funeral facilities will be open to Funeral Directors and/or their ROVER data entry staff. The goal of the sessions will be to offer training, address areas causing confusion, or just to answer various […]

OFDA Website Updates May 2014

NEW VITAL RECORDS ROVER MANAGER After the position was vacant for just over a year, Vital Records is proud to announce that we now have a new ROVER Project Manager – Joesph Phillips! [Yes, his name is spelled right J.] Joe came to us in January from the private sector where he worked with complex […]

New Amendments

With ROVER, OSDH is receiving fewer requests for amendments to items within the funeral director section of the death record and that is a good thing for everyone. ROVER was designed to head off alleviate many of the common errors, such items as conflicting birthdate/deathdate/age combination; proper spellings of cities/counties/states; as well as making sure […]

ROVER Passwords

Please remember to keep your ROVER password updated. You are required to reset your ROVER password every 90 days. You will begin to receive a warning on your initial ROVER logon screen 14 days prior to the expiration. A Tip Sheet is available for resetting your password prior to expiration at http://www.ok.gov/health/Birth_and_Death_Certificates/ROVER/Tip_Sheets/index.html   If the password […]

Vital Records Website

The official website for Vital Records not only provides information and instructions for applying for a birth or death certificate, but it also offers additional training materials for those who complete birth or death records e.g. Funeral Directors, Physicians, etc. Use the link below and click the ROVER tab at the bottom of the left […]

OK Health Department Updates May 2013

VITAL RECORDS FIELD SERVICES Vital Records Field Services Unit continues to add new physicians to ROVER. We have several training scheduled in the upcoming weeks. In fact, by May 24, we hope to have nearly 200 physicians trained and available on ROVER. As we prepare for these trainings, we will often set up a physician’€™s […]