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Jeff Legg

Jeff Legg is the Manager of Operational Services at Lifeshare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma.  With over 20 years’ experience he has been with LifeShare since 2001.    He began his career in tissue recovery in 1999 as a Technician for the American Red Cross in Oklahoma City.  Jeff served as Tissue Recovery Coordinator, Team Lead, and Manager of Tissue Recovery at LifeShare prior to accepting the position of Manager of Operational Services. He is responsible for the Funeral Home, Medical Examiner, Hospice, and Electronic Inventory programs. His 13 years of experience gained while working at the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office has been instrumental in overseeing these programs.

In addition to maintaining his CTBS since 2003 and being an active member of the AOPO Tissue Council since its inception, Jeff was a keynote speaker at the AOPO Tissue Council Session at the 42nd Annual AATB Meeting and the 1st Annual AOPO Tissue Council Spring Symposium.  As a strong advocate for donor families, he has served as a board member for the Federal Victims of Crime Act and on numerous committees.  Jeff currently serves as the Sales Club President for the OKFDA. 

Jeff and his team have received many awards and accolades for their innovative approach and practices.  He helped develop and set the standard for full thickness skin recovery now used by most processors throughout the United States and volunteered his time to train recovery technicians at various programs.  Jeff is dedicated to being a mentor and using his experiences to help others in their personal and professional endeavors.

Jeff was born and raised in the Oklahoma City area.  He now resides in the rural community of Tuttle, Oklahoma with his wife Rachel and his youngest son Bryce. 

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