State of Oklahoma

2nd Session of the 56th Legislature 2018

Overview of Bills Introduced Jan 2018

Senate Bill 1296 Senator John Sparks  (D) 405-521-5553

SB1296 is an amendment that would allow funds collected for prepaid funeral arrangements be placed in an interest-bearing investment authorized by Article 16 of the Insurance Code.  Referred to Retirement and Insurance


Senate Bill 1316 Senator Lonnie Paxton  (R) 405-521-5537

This is an amendment that would basically be considered “the Colorado law.” This Bill would change the legal requirements and licensure for the State. It would end the Funeral Board and turn the industry over to the State Health Dept.  Has been sent to Business, Commerce & Tourism. Senator Paxton has said he will not run the bill.


House Bill 1878 Rep Erik Proctor (D) 405-557-7410

HB1878 is a NEW LAW that would require the Oklahoma Funeral Board act as an appropriated board and thus would turn over all funds to the States “Special Cash Fund”

This Bill has been referred to Appropriations & Budget Select Agencies Subcommittee

House Bill 2747 Rep David Perryman (D) 405-557-7401

This is a Bill that will require new voters to submit computerized finger imaging. This Bill will not allow any State or Federal Government Agency to use the images. The Medical Examiner’s Office would like to be able to use the fingerprint image to identify decedents.

Referred to Elections and Ethics


House Bill 2924 Rep Avery Frix  (R) 405-5577302

This Bill would increase the size of the Funeral Board by two additional funeral directors. Five of the members would be submitted by OFDA; two of the directors would be from the general public; one would be appointed by the Speaker of the House and one would be appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate.


This Bill would also “regulate cemeteries of this State in any manner the Board chooses and to promulgate rules to govern cemeteries.”  This bill was to be heard but has been taken out of committee


House Bill 3078 Rep Cyndi Munson  (D) 405-557-7392

HB3078 is a shell bill that titled “Oklahoma Organ Procurement Act of 2018”

This is a Bill that will develop.  This Bill has been sent to Rules


House Bill 3273 Rep Mark McBride  (R) 405-557-7346

HB3273 is also a shell Bill that is titled “Funeral Board Reform Act”  This Bill has been sent to the Rules Committee