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Death Certificate Exchange Policy
Funeral Homes/Directors/Runners

  • The cost of searching and issuing a death record is $15 per record. Amendments to the Fact-of Death (non-medical) portion are $20. [OAC 310: 1051-3]
  • Amendment requests will require the funeral director to submit supporting evidence (e.g. birth certificate, social security card, etc.). [OAC 310:105-5-4]

Vital Records does not replace copies of death records following an amendment at no
charge. If copies have been issued and errors are later discovered, the $15 fee per
certificate will be charged, as well as an amendment fee if applicable.
We strongly recommend that the funeral director print DRAFT copies of the death
certificate for review by the family prior to registration in order to avoid or reduce the
need for non-medical amendments.
Vital Records will replace up to two (2) previously issued copies of a death certificate
if an amendment is made to the medical portion of the certificate by the certifying
physician or the Medical Examiner within six (6) months from the date of death. This
does not include records filed with a cause of death that is noted as PENDING.
Death certificates with a PENDING cause of death have limited value as many
agencies/businesses will not accept them. Please consider only ordering a limited
number of records with the cause of death indicated as PENDING.
You may contact Vital Records, Death Registration Unit, at (405) 271-5108 with any

Policy: Delayed* Requests for Death Certificates

(*Death Occurred more than 1 year ago)

Given the mandate to preserve the integrity of the records and duty to ensure the proper use is not limited to Vital Records staff, there is a duty for the funeral director to determine the purpose of the request and relationship of the requestor. Requests for a death certificate by the funeral director of record will be honored by VR without question for up to 1 year following a death. Any requests for exception e.g. extended estate settlement should be discussed with Vital Records. If a delayed request is made by the funeral home on behalf of a person named on the record e.g. a parent, spouse or informant; the request will be honored by VR without further proof of relationship. The funeral home will provide VR an application signed by the applicant along with a copy of the applicant’s ID. If the delayed request is made by the funeral home on behalf of someone not named on the record, the funeral home will provide to VR an application signed by the applicant, a copy of the applicant’s ID, and documentation that demonstrates the applicant is an eligible applicant as outlined by state law. The funeral director may choose to direct individuals to apply for the record directly with Vital Records rather than serve as an intermediary. Oklahoma State Department of Health Vital Records Division Endorsed by the Oklahoma Funeral Board and Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association 2/6/18

Medical Certification: Options for Physicians

Physicians may assign assistant users to help complete the data entry of a
record. Once the data entry is complete, the physician can then review, make
any edits, and certify the record—potentially saving the physician some time.
Under other circumstances, a physician may be able to utilize delegation
For more information about Delegation Authority, please contact Ask ROVER,
(405) 271-5380 or,

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The goal of the sessions will be to offer training, address areas causing
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