President's Corner


Hello to you all, I hope that you have had a good start to the year, and things are going well for all of you.

I have as this letter is published, been in a bit of a reflective mood.  During the last month we lost our oldest living past president in Mr. Harvey.  As a child I remember him, allowing myself and my brothers to follow dad to work.  We helped wipe cars down, maybe tried our hand at dusting, not sure with much success, and can remember when not being watched, would slide down the banisters of the staircase.  I am sure there are old photos of us all, in small little suits and ties.  I got to see the photos of the Dillon boys in Victory Lane after Dale won the Daytona 500 and then seeing Austin there this year in the number 3 car, was really cool.  My son, like myself enjoyed that moment.

As another year has passed, I also look back on my time as president.  I hope that over the past two years, we have made strides to better our association.  I know there have been new benefits added for members, and we are still working on others, changes to events, and new and informative programs at both district meetings and conference have made for lots of thoughts and conversations to be had.  I hope that we all continue to grow and prosper from our friendships and membership.  We began a new and exciting path a few years ago, and I look forward to continuing the mission set forth.

I wanted to remind everyone also that CANA is hosting a Cremation Operations Certification Program March 9 on the campus of UCO

I hope each of you have a great beginning to the spring, and always know you can contact any of us if you have questions or concerns.