March 2018


I wanted to say Thank you to all of our members for the support given to the association over the past year.  To the past presidents for their guidance and support shown all of us, and to the board past and present, and to the sales club for all you do.

As this will be my last letter, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been a part of this great experience.  I have truly enjoyed serving with you, and working with you. The friendships built, the fun had, the guidance and advice given, will be part of what we have worked toward and will be continued to be worked on for our association.

We have concluded all the district meetings and I enjoyed seeing each of you on our visits.  I do hope that the information will be helpful in the future and may even lead to saving at least one life.  We are also fast approaching our annual conference, and I hope you have your reservations in. The welcome party is sure to be a blast, and help to rev up each of us for a great time.

I do want to express my gratitude for the opportunity serve as president and help forge the new paths to be taken as we continue to grow and expand offerings to you.  As I started the new frontier and now we continue the race to make OFDA one of the best associations in the country.

Mr. Welch, I cannot thank you enough for your leadership and steering of this board.  It has been a great pleasure for me to work with you and to become friends as well. I look forward to the continued friendship and guidance I know you will bring us.

Sam Stanton