June 2018

Summer is here and celebrating the Birthday of our Great Nation. I think summer might have come early with one of our state's hottest June on record.

Your OKFDA Board participated in the Summer Workshop/Retreat in the early part of June. The meeting was very productive and positive with those in attendance truly trying to make this Association more relevant to you the members and hopefully to those that choose not to be members yet. There is evidence of true, positive passion among this current group of OKFDA Board members that want to make the Association relevant to all of you in this great profession we work in. I want to personally thank each one of these board members for the ideas and thoughts they contributed during the Summer Workshop/Retreat. Some of the ideas that came out of the Workshop/Retreat will be put in motion soon and some will be rolling out to the membership in the near future.

One new item that will be happening for the Association will be the Breakfast Roundtable discussions toward the end of this month and first part of August. This will be where some of the Workshop/Retreat ideas will be rolled out for the member’s grassroots feeling and opinions. This will also be an open invitation to those that choose not to be a member of this Association to see what value we could bring to you so you may want to be part of this Association. Your attendance would be much appreciated by the Board of OKFDA.

This month the Board Members will be using their valuable time from work to attend the NFDA Leadership Conference to gain more knowledge on leadership qualities to see how other States may be giving relevance to their Members. This is one of the first times that we are taking a large part of the Board to attend this conference. This speaks very highly of this Board for that many to attend to get knowledge to make this a better Association for all of us.

I had an opportunity to watch a DVD that one of my Clients families found in our Metropolitan Library System that they felt I should watch. The name of the DVD movie is called “DEPARTURES”. It is a foreign made movie with American subtitles. The main idea of the movie was about a Japanese Cello player becoming a Funeral Director. With reluctance, I watched the DVD so I could save face to this family member that thought this spoke highly of our profession. So my journey watching a foreign subtitled movie began. Boy! Did it enlighten my compassion for this Profession. The movie really portrayed what this Profession should be all about “Honoring the Deceased to the family that are left.” I encourage if somehow an opportunity for you to watch this movie occurs to do so.

As always, I will conclude with the thought of reminding the members: THE CHECKERED FLAG EXPERIENCE “REV IT UP”

Sam Stanton