Presidents Letter: September 2018

A big THANK YOU to all that participated in the OKFDA breakfast meetings. The attendance was way better than I expected for the most part. Those non-members of the association that attended, I especially thank you. Your comments were well taken with the hope you may become a future member of OKFDA. The general concerns were basically the same in each district area breakfast with the big three being legislative concerns, better communications with the members by being more informative on topics, and offering more continuing education with valued topics that have more meaning. It will be my pledge to you the members that what Gordon and I learned from these meetings, some of the concerns will be address with changes in the workings.

I would also like the membership to realize by now that most schools across the state are in session educating our future leaders. Be aware of the children’s safety and please get involved with your schools. Most funeral home are looked at being one of the community supporter in your area, so help your local school out by any means you can. A good involvement is to promote the Youth and Funeral initiative that NFDA has come out with.

Fall meetings will be starting this month at all the area district locations. Please contact Gordon if you have not gotten the list of the various locations around the state. The location list should also be listed in this edition of The Director. As members you are welcome to attend which ever area restaurant you would like to attend. You do not have to be confined to just your district area. The speaker will be a gentleman named Jeremy Bush from Phoenix Insurance Group. He will be presenting the opportunity for our membership a possibility of affordable group health insurance.

October will be coming upon us soon. This is the month that NFDA holds their annual convention and expo which will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The convention/expo will be October 14th thru 17th. We hope to see many of you at this convention.

As always I will end reminding the membership: The Checker Flag Experience “REV IT UP”

Sam Stanton