Presidents Letter: October 2019

Greetings from Marietta.  As I write, it happens to officially be the first day of fall, my favorite time of year.  As you read this letter, we will have just finished up our Fall district meetings around the state and getting ready for our breakfast meetings in November.  I wanted to personally thank two specific individuals. As a new idea, Jay Hunn, past OFDA president and current NFDA policy board member, conducted the one hour continuing ed on “High Profile Funerals”.  He has done well with the topic and it was well received. I can’t say enough about association Executive Director Gordon Welch conducting the meetings I was unable to attend due to unforeseen personal health issues.  All that being said, my point is no matter what is going on in our personal lives, we as a board “carry on” with the association business at hand.  

Friday, September 27, I had the honor of giving the graduation commencement for the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service representing OKFDA as an alumnus.   My speech was titled “Things I Wish I Had Known” to the new graduates in our profession. What a great time to reconnect with faculty members and staff.  

If you read my articles every month, I try to provide you meaningful information as you serve the families of your community.   Here are some key “bullet points” for you to consider for you, the funeral director to take care of yourself. Topics of interest you may want to research through Frazier Consultants:  

  1. Simple steps to staying organized & successful

  2. Tips for Preventing Occupational Burnout

  3. Ways Funeral Directors Can Reduce Their Stress

  4. Time management tips for Funeral Directors

  5. Nutrition/exercise/proper rest.  

A quick update on our progress with the “Limited License” bill for preneed insurance sales.  Gordon has gathered info from the states of Nebraska and Texas that have existing limited license rules already in place.  This info was forwarded to the Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner’s office so they can start writing the bill in the month of November for the February 2020 session.  As an association, we are also considering 2 other bills being submitted pertaining to our industry. We will keep you posted on these as they develop.

I would like to end this article showing you an example of the newly designed  “25 year” funeral director pin from OKFDA. It was decided to develop an updated pin with our new logo after the Past Presidents Reunion in May of this year.  

Honored to be your president,


Sam Stanton