Presidents Letter: June 2019

 Leadership and team development are on the forefront this month as we work to continue excellence in OKFDA.  WinStar, the world’s largest Casino, was the backdrop for our summer Board workshop, recently held at Thackerville, Oklahoma.  I was very pleased with the attendance and focus of the group throughout the day. We had a jam-packed meeting agenda for the board to discuss.  It was very informational and full of usable material for members. Last, but not least, an added benefit was the comradery the board built which is so important in building a strong team.  I quoted Louisa Wong on Linkedin referring to the board: “Diversity is like a hammer – it can build, or it can destroy – depending on who is wielding it.” It was a very productive summer workshop!

     Gordon Welch, our executive director, and I were fortunate to be able to attend the Texas State Convention Exhibit floor at Ft. Worth.  Our purpose in going was to meet new vendors to invite to our convention in the future and gain new ideas for future conventions. I was able to re-connect with the Immediate Past President, Chuck Robertson, and the Incoming President, Gene Allen.  We are networking with our neighboring states to exchange ideas and to “think outside the box” to gain new ideas, techniques, and knowledge. We are all working together for the same cause. We were already able to gather two great new ideas to employ next year!  Working together, we can achieve great things!

     OKFDA interacts heavily with our national association.  June 21st, I was able to participate in a phone conference with the NFDA Board.  Each State President has 3 phone conferences a year that they can participate in.  We are considered one of the most active states in our national association. Oklahoma always stands out with our teamwork and interaction with NFDA.  I heard many new ideas and a fresh perspective from this call. We all seem to struggle with the same issues across the nation in regards to our state associations.  I am often reminded that we in Oklahoma are very fortunate with our current executive director and dedicated board. We have many things to be proud of that we have accomplished in the recent past to stay viable to the membership.

     As you read this article, we will be attending the NFDA leadership conference in San Diego, California.  We are all excited about the learning opportunities and all of the new leadership skills to help us become a better and stronger OKFDA Board.  This in turn will help us to help you and our industry! 

If you are not a current or active member of our association, please strongly consider joining us as we work together to improve our profession.  We need your financial support, input and participation. As our leaders before us, we are nothing more than volunteers serving this association because we have a passion to make a difference. 

I sincerely hope that life is treating you well and you are having a great start to summer!

Honored to be your President,  

Daren S. Flanagan   

Sam Stanton