Rules and Regulations

1.  Funds to be used for an in-state mortuary science program will be awarded for use during the last two semesters of mortuary school.

2.  Funds to be used for an out-of-state mortuary science program will be awarded for use after the applicant has provided proof of completion of 60 college hours and the student is eligible to enroll in the 4th quarter of the Mortuary Science program.

3.  Information required to be completed before an application will be considered by the Committee:

A.  A formal application completed.

B.  The high school transcript showing grades earned and college credits.

C.  Three letters of recommendation; two from business or professional people, and one from an OFDA member.

D.  Evidence showing need of scholarship.

E.  Recent photo or snapshot.

4.  To retain a scholarship the following conditions must prevail:

A.  Recipient must remain in the same college where he has enrolled when the scholarship was granted.  If recipient decides to change colleges and desires a scholarship at another college, the recipient must have the approval of the Scholarship Committee.

B.  Recipient must continue to exhibit the same traits and characteristics required of the scholarship.